SimScale Video: Behind the Scenes & More

With the aim to show you what makes SimScale unique and the advantages it can bring to a company’s product development cycle, we have worked on this company video that was published a few weeks ago.

We would like to give special thanks to our customer Avionik Straubing for being part of our video. The team was very open and it felt great to see how SimScale is integrated into their working process.

Founded in 1977, AVIONIK STRAUBING has been operating at the airport Straubing-Wallmuehle as a certified airplane maintenance and repair station, being one of the leading avionics facilities in Germany.

The company is specialized in the maintenance, development, approval, and production of aircraft electronics, including hardware systems, software products, and electromechanical systems. Most of their products include several mechanical parts, such as heat sinks or other cooling devices, for which they need to consider different aspects, including the environmental stress and the right heat dissipation. For this, they are using the SimScale platform, performing thermal analyses and solid mechanics simulations.


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