Welcome to our reporting center,

your trusted point of contact for customer concerns and employee matters. Our reporting center is an essential service that offers numerous benefits to both our valued customers and dedicated employees.

For our customers:

The reporting center provides you with the opportunity to directly address us with complaints or suggestions regarding our products or services. Your feedback is important to us, as it allows us to continuously work on improving our offerings. This initiative aligns with the Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG), which has been in effect since December 18, 2021.

For our employees:

Our reporting center creates a safe space where employees can express themselves free from discrimination or bullying, without fear of potential consequences. We firmly believe that a respectful and fair work environment is the foundation for the success of our company.


Why the reporting center is important:

The reporting center not only contributes to upholding human rights but also promotes a work culture characterized by fairness and respect. Through this measure, we strengthen trust between our company and you, our esteemed customers, thereby sustainably increasing customer satisfaction. At the same time, we minimize the risk of legal disputes or damages by promptly addressing potential violations.


Requirements for our reporting center:

To ensure the effectiveness and confidentiality of our reporting center, we adhere to strict requirements. We have established appropriate reporting channels, implemented clear procedures for handling reports, and take appropriate follow-up actions. Additionally, we provide you with clear and easily accessible information about the use of the internal reporting procedure as well as external reporting procedures.

The protection of your identity is our top priority. We inform whistleblowers in writing or electronically about the disclosure of their identity to authorities in accordance with relevant requirements. We always uphold data protection and document all reports in a permanently retrievable manner, strictly observing the confidentiality mandate. Your information is promptly deleted to ensure the highest level of security.

We thank you for your trust in our reporting center and are always available to assist you. Your contribution is crucial to creating an open, transparent, and secure environment for all parties involved.

Link: https://avionik.trusty.report

Personal data is processed exclusively by the Complaints and Safety Manager and reported directly to the management. All reports are treated confidentially in accordance with legal requirements, except for any statutory obligations to disclose. The reporting center will then examine the facts, take further measures if necessary, and involve appropriate partners in internal and external discussions depending on the situation.