Unsere eigenen CS-STAN

Als EASA zugelassener Instandhaltungsbetrieb (EASA Part 145) haben wir die Möglichkeit, Standard Änderungen an klein Flugzeugen und Hubschraubern nach der Bauvorschrift EASA CS-STAN durchzuführen. 


Group Systems— Communication:

CS- SC001a Installation of VHF voice communication equipment
CS- SC002b Installation of a ModeS elementary surveillance equipment
CS- SC003b Installation of Audio Selector Panels and Amplifiers
CS- SC004a Installation of antennas

Group Systems—Electrical:

CS- SC031b Exchange of conventional Anti-Collision Lights, Position Lights and Landing &Taxi lights by LED type lights
CS- SC032a Installation of anti-collision lights
CS- SC033a Installation of cabin and cockpit conventional lights by LED-type lights
CS- SC034a Exchange of existing battery by LitIron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries

Group Systems—Avionics/NAV/Instruments:

CS- SC051b Installation of ‘FLARM’ equipment
CS- SC052b Installation of VFR GNSS equipment
CS- SC053b Installation of Radio Marker Receiving equipment
CS- SC054b Exchange of Distance Measurement Equipment (DME)
CS- SC055b Exchange of ADF equipment
CS- SC056b Exchange of VOR equipment
CS- SC058a Installation of traffic awareness beacon system (TABS) equipment

Group Systems—Mechanical:

CS- SC081a Exchange of tyres (inner tubes/outer tyres)
CS- SC082a Exchange of skids on wing tips/fuselage tails
CS- SC083a Exchange of flexible seals on control surfaces

Group Cabin:

CS- SC101b Installation of emergency locator transmitter (ELT) equipment
CS- SC102a Installation of DC power supply systems (PSS) for portable electronic devices (PED)
CS- SC103a Exchange of interior material covering floor, sidewall and ceiling
CS- SC104a Installation of lightweight in-flight recording systems

Group Survivability Equipment:

CS- SC151a Installation of headrest
CS- SC152a Changes to seat cushions including the use of alternative foam materials
CS- SC153b Exchange of safety belts - torso restraint systems

Group Power plant:

CS- SC201a Exchange of power plant instruments
CS- SC204a Installation of external powered engine preheater
CS- SC205a Installation of fuel low level sensor (FLLS)

Group Flight:

CS- SC251b Installation of an Angle of Attack (AoA) indicator system

Group Miscellaneous:

CS- SC401b Exchange of basic flight instruments
CS- SC402b Installation of sailplane equipment
CS- SC403a Provisions for the installation of lightweight cameras