Avionik Equipment von Charterware

Charterware OBU V3

The chaterware OBU V3 is an automatic flight log sensor. It is connected to an EASA approved interface providing permanent and main switched power supply to it. This interface has to be installed in the plane.

During a flight it logs the GPS track of a flight, collects crew ID information after main switch off and finally transmitts all these information towards an internet server using a mobile phone network.

In a following data processing step, charterware evaluates the flight logs accurately by the second surpressing stall trainings. This results in a ful and correct log book which can

be used for further processing by any software application front ends. Also the tracks are provided in a google earth format.

Most Reservation systems can be connected as user front ends. Most GA airplanes are covered by the standard minor change

but Avionik Straubing can also expand this MC to cover any planes missing.

The device saves many hours in bookkeeping within clubs or flying schools.


Technical data:

·          size 25*70*110 mm, attached by Hook & Loop tape

·          < 200 grams

·          2*8 alphanum LCD Display

·          own CPU, with updatable Firmware via INTERNET

·          FLASH

·          125 kHz RFID

·          GPS Receiver

·          GPRS interface to INTERNET