AUSTIN, Texas, June 26, 2017

DAC INTERNATIONAL INC. (DAC), a subsidiary of Aero Precision Holdings LP, announced today that it has received a Supplemental Type Certificate for the Avionik Straubing Dual Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (LPV) Vertical Navigation(VNAV) Converter for the Cessna 525 Citation Jet 1/2/3. The STC includes the C525, 525A and 525B models.

The LPV Converter was developed for all Cessna Citation Jets which are either equipped with the legacy Honeywell SPZ5000 System or with Proline21 without the capability to display Glideslope information on the Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) (EHSI/PFD) and consequently where LPV approaches are not possible.

There is also an EASA STC with the same capability available.


About DAC International Inc. DAC International, a subsidiary of Aero Precision Holdings LP is a worldwide distributor of avionics, test equipment, data converters and aviation supplies. The company has an FAA approved manufacturing and development facility, holding several STC’s, PMA’s and TSO’s. Products are compliant with DO-160, MIL-STD-810C and MILSTD-461F, containing software that meets the objectives of DO-178B, Levels A thru E. For more information on DAC or its products and service offerings, visit www.dacint.com.

About Avionik Straubing


Founded in 1977, AVIONIK STRAUBING Vertriebs- und Service GmbH has been operating at the airport Straubing-Wallmuehle as a certified maintenance and repair station. Our licensing includes PART 145 (EASA- Authorization No. DE.145.0010) and FAA certification (FAA-Certification No. AQQY020K) and is the basis for servicing the complete general aviation up to the executive and business sector. The extent of PART 145 activities is manifested in the capability list and comprises A1, A2, A3 and A4 airplanes and helicopters as well as their instruments according to category C2, C3, C5 and C 13. For more information on Avionik Straubing or its products and service offerings, visit www.avionik.de

Contact:  Josef.Breu@avionik.de

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